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Camera Body Front Filters

UPDATE: Certain Canon EOS-compatible models [Rebel (300D), XT (350D), Xti (400D), Xsi (450D), T1i (500D), 20D, 20Da, 30D, 40D, 50D, 7D] are now accommodated via a 37mm low-profile screw-in front filter adapter. Details are available in the installation instruction document, "IDAS EOS-MFA (Mount Filter Adapter) Kit Installation Instructions."

2nd generation MFA filters simply drop in and do not require tools. See the installation/removal instruction page for details.

For selected enhanced-spectrum digital cameras, camera body front filter are available for quick field modification of the camera's spectral response. Camera bodies for which front-filters are available are:

  • Canon Rebel(300D), XT(350D), XTi(400D), 20D, 20Da, and 30D
  • Nikon D40, D40x, and D80
  • Nikon D200 and Fujifilm S5pro

Camera body front filters are mounted in a holder which goes between the camera's lens bayonet and the viewing mirror. These may be quickly and easily inserted or removed from the camera body as required by the user. Front filters provide the additional benefit of protecting the camera's image sensor from dust accumulation.

Filters which are currently available include:

  • UIBAR-FF (UV/IR blocker)
  • LPS-P2-FF (same as external LPS-P2)
  • LPS-V3-FF (C2, H-alpha, H-beta, and OIII line filter)
  • IR720-FF (Visual blocking, IR pass)
  • VLC-FF (daylight-balanced)
  • DP-FF (clear dust-protector)

Front-mounted filters do not affect the camera's autofocus operation but, when installed may interfere with the proper installation of certain lenses which have parts which protrude* into the camera body.

*Nikon lenses which protrude more than 8.7 mm into the camera body are not compatible with front filters.
*Canon's EF-S lenses are not compatible with front filters.