2nd Generation IDAS Mount Filter Adapter (MFA) for Canon DSLR Cameras

The second-generation IDAS MFA for Canon cameras (34.0 mm dia. optical area) is a tool-less design allowing for simple field removal or insertion as illustrated below.

Filter Insertion

As shown in the animation above the steps for insertion of the filter is as follows:

  1. Align the filter carrier flanges with the gaps in the Canon bayonet flanges. Note that the side profile of the filter carrier should protrude downwards to match the slight depression in the Canon body.
  2. Gently place the filter into the Canon body cavity where it should sit loosely.
  3. Rotate the filter counter-clockwise so that the filter and body flanges line up (not all the way to the end of travel). The filter is still loosely sitting in the cavity in the Canon body but because the flanges are aligned, the filter cannot easily fall out if the body is tilted.
  4. Mount the telescope adapter or lens into the Canon body and rotate it clockwise to lock both the filter and adapter/lens in place. If possible, keep the camera body horizontal while attaching it to the lens or telescope to minimize the possibility of the filter shifting before it is locked into place.

Filter Removal

To remove the MFA from the Canon body follow these steps:

  1. Remove the lens or telescope adapter in the normal way for a Canon body, taking care to to keep the body in a nearly horizontal position to prevent the filter from shifting as it loosens. After the lens or adapter has been removed the MFA will be sitting loosely in the Canon body.
  2. Rotate the MFA so that the filter flanges line up with the gaps in the Canon bayonet mount.
  3. Place a soft, lint-free cloth across the mouth of the Canon mount and tilt the body and cloth until the filter drops onto the cloth.

NOTE: Canon's EF-S lenses are not compatible with front filters.