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Introducing SS-One, a Japanese maker of astronomy equipment, which includes mounts, mount controllers, and camera controllers for autoguiding, polar-alignment, and imaging.




The first product announcement from SS-One is a stand-alone autoguider controller (Raspberry Pi 2B inside, no additional computer required). This program will also provide polar alignment assist functions with an optional polar axis camera.


Two versions will be available. One will be available with its program open-sourced*. A deluxe version (SS-One AG Complete) with proprietary code and hardware will be available through Hutech. Fully assembled units of both models will be available from Hutech. The open-source version, part #SSAGE (SS-One AG Element) will be introduced with an initial price of $149.00.


SS-One AG Element


This light-weight, compact unit has a small LCD (2.2" TFT 320x240) for display in an aluminum case, and connects to a USB imaging camera (ZWO ASI120MM and ASI120C or SS-One [to be announced later]). The mount's autoguiding input connects to the output provided by the camera.


Power connection to both the camera and autoguider controller unit is via a micro-USB connection on the autoguider controller case. A "high" power charger (2A @ 5V) should be used to insure stable operation of both the control unit and the camera.


SS-One AG Complete


The SS-One AG Complete includes additional features such control of a DSLR's shutter for intervalometer functionality and camera synchronization for dithered imaging. Additional details will be provided later.


SS-One ZWO Capture


The SS-One ZWO Capture system interfaces to an astronomical camera (currently ZWO camera line) via USB and provides all functionality to capture deep sky images -- gain, gamma, exposure time, live focusing, control of cooler temperature and filter wheel (if present), and optional real-time application of dark frames and flat frames to output files (optional raw files also saved). The system also supports connection to USB GPS units for accurate time and location, and to other devices (cell phones, tablets, chrome books, or PC's) for the convenience of remote operation.


* User group support for SS-One open-source projects can be found on Google+