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VB-P67 -- Vacuum back retrofit kit for Pentax 67 and 6x7 medium format cameras.

  The Pentax 67/6X7 Vacuum back replaces the rear door of the Pentax 67 or 6x7 medium format cameras and provides a means to connect a vacuum pump to hold the film flat.

This is provided as a user-installable kit consisting of a modified rear door and a length of air hose. Note that after installation of this kit the modified camera requires the use of 220 film or 120 film from which the paper backing has been removed (see the Hutech document Converting 120 Film for Astro Camera Use").

Additional information and photos can be seen in the following pages:

To apply a vacuum to the film back, use a vacuum pump capable of providing a gentle, continuous vacuum. Pumps meeting this requirement are also via Hutech:

Model CM15FS provides vacuum capability only. Model CM50FS provides both vacuum and dry air flow for hypered film in humid environments. For more details, refer to the CM15FS manual and the CM-50FS manual.

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