Filter Installation Instructions [PDF]

Hutech/IDAS Reflection Suppressed (RS) Color Filter Set

Hutech/IDAS RS (Reflection Suppression) technology filters are specifically designed to address the problem of internal reflections common in filtered CCD images when bright stars are present in the field of view (This problem is especially common in wide-field images). The IDAS RS filter set reduces surface reflections to less than 4% of conventional dichroic filters such as the IDAS Type II LRGB set as can be seen in the simulation examples below, and clearly demonstrated in the shots at right (click on the photos to see enlarged views) provided by Jim Windlinger and Alan Smallbone.

A direct comparison of shots taken with the IDAS RS filters vs. conventional interference filters also clearly illustrate the beneficial effects of the RS filters..

In addition to the suppression of reflections, the IDAS RS filters feature gentle, overlapping bandpasses which match the response of the human eye more closely, making color balancing for realistic color simpler.

RS technology filter set simulation (Finger Lakes camera / no cover glass).

Conventional filter set (IDAS Type II LRGB) simulation (Finger Lakes camera / no cover glass).

The complete set includes 4 filters - luminance(L) and RGB components. All filters utilize the IDAS IGAD and UFP filter technology.
The filter sets are available as unmounted 50mm filters and unmounted 31mm filters (for the QSI 500 Series CCD cameras).

Mechanical Specifications:

Filters: L, Red Green, Blue
4mm 5mm
4mm 4mm