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IDAS Filter Technology

A chain is only as good as its weakest link. This applies as well to an optical system such as a telescope/filter/imager system. With this in mind, IDAS filters are manufactured using unique technologies that result in quality that meets or exceeds that of the rest of your optical imaging system:
  • IGAD (Ion-Gun Assist Deposition)
    This coating technology was originally developed for the optical communications field where long-term stability (>25 years) over harsh field conditions is required.

    IDAS is the first manufacturer to apply this technology to astronomical filters. This results in superior filters with robust coatings and long-term spectral stability even under temperature and humidity extremes. This stability is especially important for bandpass curves with steep slopes such as H-alpha, LPS filters, and other narrow bandpass filters. IGAD filters virtually eliminate bandpass shifts from the +/-3 or 4nm typical of standard coating filters.

  • MBT (Multi Band-pass Technology)
    This is technology originally developed for biomedical microscopes, but improved by IDAS by combining it the IGAD hard-coating technology described above. The excellent filter responses possible with this technology allows IDAS to create very complicated filters for astronomical use such as the unique LPS filter.

  • UFP (Ultra Fine Polish) Finishing IDAS filters are polished twice as long as is typical for optical glass. In combination with the use of high-quality substrate glass, no scratches, bubbles, or other defects are visible even under microscopic inspection.