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IDAS LPS-D3 (formerly NGS1) Light Pollution Suppression Filters

IDAS LPS-D3 (formerly NGS1) light pollution suppression filters enhance the contrast of astronomical emission nebulae against a sky with both man-made and natural* sky glow sources, yet preserve color balance of broadband objects such as galaxies. As with other IDAS interference filters, the bandpasses are designed to accommodate the steep ray angles of fast optical systems.

Features include:

  • Ideal flat-top and moderate bandpass
  • Excellent in-band transmission
  • Steep bandpass edges minimize internal reflections
  • Near IR (NIR) is blocked up to 1200nm
  • Available in 52mm and 48mm sizes
  • 2.5mm thickness (parfocal with other IDAS LPS filters)
  • IDAS-proprietary IGAD/MBT/UFP quality
  • Made in Japan
* Natural sky glow sources blocked include upper atmosphere oxygen and sodium lines which become visible from high-altitude, dark sky sites. See videos at the bottom of this page for background information on natural sky glow.


IDAS LPS-D3 (NGS1) band pass (measured production filter data) and important blocked spectral lines.


IDAS LPS-D3 (NGS1) band pass and astronomical emission lines.


Additional Information on Natural Sky Glow