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IDAS NBZ Nebula Boost Filter

NBZ Filter Bandpass Plot (production measured values) -- Click to enlarge

IDAS NBZ Filters are designed to enhance the contrast of Hα and OIII emission nebula, yet accommodate the filter spectral shift when used with modern fast optical systems. This dual-band filter is ideal for one-shot color cameras as well as mono-color astronomical cameras.

Features include:

  • Ideal flat-top bandpass
  • Excellent in-band transmission
  • Off-center bandpass accommodates off-axis rays for fast optics (up to F2)
  • Steep bandpass edges minimize internal reflections
  • No IR blocker required
  • Available in 52mm and 48mm sizes
  • 2.5mm thickness (parfocal with other IDAS LPS filters)
  • IDAS-proprietary IGAD/MBT/UFP quality
  • Made in Japan


Hα bandpass -- Click to enlarge.

OIII bandpass -- Click to enlarge.
Detailed plots of NBZ bandpass for fast optics.