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IDAS - Electronically Assisted Observing Filter / Comet Filter

The EAO1 Electronically Assisted Observing Filter is a multi-bandpass filter for electronic imaging from light-polluted skies.

Whether you are using electronic sensors to create finished images or simply enhancing real-time sky viewing with an electronic sensor, this filter provides enhanced image contrast. The filter blocks transmission in light pollution bands while still passing nebula emission lines and providing broad enough bandpass for stars and galaxies. This filter also passes C2 emission lines of the ionized gasses of comets. The carefully selected bandpasses allow enhanced image views of a variety of astronomical targets without having to switch filters.

Features include:

  • Ideal flat-top and moderate bandpass
  • Excellent in-band transmission
  • Extremely steep bandpass edges minimize internal reflections
  • Near IR (NIR) is blocked up to 1100nm
  • Available in Z series for ASI cameras and 1.25" size (screw-in for 1.25" nosepieces and eyepieces)
  • IDAS-proprietary IGAD/MBT/UFP quality
  • Made in Japan