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Borg Optical System Families

Borg optical tube families revolve around 4 basic tube diameter families. Each family is designed to share the use of components and may be configured in a variety ways for photographic/CCD or visual use.

Pocket BorgPocket Borg - Borg's tiniest scope [6025]
Series 45 - Ultra-compact finder/spotterscopes:
  • 36ED
Series 60 (formerly MiniBorg) - Compact finder/spotter/guider scopes:
  • 45EDII
  • 50Ach
  • 50FL
  • 60ED
  • 71FL
Series 80, also available as the Black Series, is based around an 80mm diameter tube, with these variations:
Series 115 is based around a 115mm diameter tube, compatible with older medium-format film accessories: