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The Mini Borg Scopes
6045 Mini Borg 45EDII F7.2  |  6150 Mini Borg 50 Ach F5  |  6161 Mini Borg 60 Ach F5.4  |  6260 Mini Borg 60ED F5.8


  6045   6150   6161   6260
Optics:   45mm F7.2 ED   50mm F5 Ach   60mm F5.4 Ach   60mm F5.8 ED
Focal length:   325mm   250mm   325mm   350mm
OTA Length:   168mm   168mm   260mm   260mm
OTA Dia:   54mm   54mm   54mm   54mm
Weight:   380g   340g   450g   450g
Back Focus:   151-196mm   70-115mm   73-123mm   98-148mm
Filter Size:   52mm   52mm   62mm   62mm

Mounting block is removable for Mini Borg use with a finder bracket. Two M4/P0.7 metric screws, each spaced 12mm from the center hole, attach the mounting block to the OTA body.
Mini Borg scopes may be mounted directly with a 1/4"-20 threaded screw into the standard mounting block (left), or in an available finder bracket.  

Mini Borg scopes are compatible with a wide variety of standard Borg back-end accessories:

  Versatility in a Compact Package...

Guide Scope

Telephoto Lens


Spotting Scope