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Part No. Description Lens Design Focal Length
Weight Remarks
7885 0.85X reducer 2 elements in 2 groups 250 to 400mm 40mm 70g 10 micron spot size out to 26mm dia. (with 45ED). Performance is optimized for digital SLR cameras.
7887 0.85X reducer DGL 2 elements in 2 group 500 to 800mm 43mm 110g Optimized for digital imagers. Works with 76ED/77ED, 100ED/101ED, 125ED.
8044 0.625x super reducer 4 elements in 4 groups 640mm 110mm 800g 32 micron spot size at 88mm diameter
8045 0.625x super reducer 4 elements in 4 groups 800mm and 1000mm 83mm 800g 16 micron spot size at 88mm diameter
  • The image circle is defined to be the diameter at which the illumination drops to 60%.
  • A 35mm frame requires a 43mm illumination circle.
  • A 6x7 frame requires an 88mm illumination circle.
  • All lenses are multicoated on all surfaces (fully multicoated)

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