July Constellations


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This view spans most of the sky as seen on early summer nights. The horizon is seen as a gray shaded area: east is to your left, west to your right, south at the bottom. Straight up is in the center of the picture. The time of night you'll see this exact view changes as the seasons progress, but many of these bright star patterns can be easily found throughout the summer.


As you can see, there are a number of bright stars visible; among them are the 4th and 5th brightest night stars we have. There are also some famous and distinctive constellations - to see their names proceed to the next page. But before you do, take a moment to notice the distinctive shapes: a menacing fish-hook shaped arc in the south - a kite-shape almost straight up. And what is that at the top of the scene, in the far north?

To see the constellation names and read more about them, click on "constellations in depth", below.
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