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M65 and M66



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M65/M66 are a lovely pair of spiral galaxies to be found just south of the lion's hind quarters, about 2.5 degrees south-southeast of Theta Leonis. M65 is more regular in form, and is tilted closer to edge-on than it's neighbor M66. Both galaxies are tenth magnitude, placing them in the range of moderate amateur instruments in fairly dark skies. These galaxies are nearer than many others in this part of the sky, at "just" 30 million light years away. Just north of M66 is another spiral, the edge-on NGC 3628; larger than either M65 or M66, this galaxy missed inclusion in the "M" catalog because Charles Messier missed it - the larger surface area spread out the light somewhat, and today city-bound astronomers will have no trouble missing it themselves.

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