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Here we see the constellation names, with a few bright stars labeled. Looking to the west, we can still see some of the fall stars, such as the great square marking Pegasus the flying horse and Andromeda the maiden, with her famous great galaxy which can be seen in dark skies as an oval glow. Near Andromeda is the zodiac pattern of Aries, marked by one second magnitude star, orange Hamal.

The next zodiac animal is Taurus the bull, boasting two naked eye star clusters, the "seven sisters" or Pleiades, and the "V" shaped Hyades which marks the bull's face. The bull's eye is orange Aldebaran, amid the Hyades group.

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Circling Orion to the south, we find little Lepus the Hare (rabbit), and on the horizon, what you would swear was another dog, Puppis, as it looks like "puppies" - but this is "the stern", one of several southern star groups marking a giant sailing ship. Puppis never rises high in our skies, but the many bright stars down here provide a taste of the brilliant skies the Aussies enjoy!

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