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Venus Transit Information

Updated 9/27/2003

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(courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA)

Timing Information for Lusaka, Zambia*:

External Sun    Internal Sun    Greatest Sun    Internal Sun    External Sun
First Contact Second Contact Mid Transit Third Contact Fourth Contact
h:m:s h:m:s h:m:s h:m:s h:m:s
05:18:13 UTC 05:37:17 UTC 08:23:58 UTC 11:09:09 UTC 11:27:52 UTC
07:18:13 Local 07:37:17 Local 10:23:58 Local 13:09:09 Local 13:27:52 Local
Solar Altitude (degrees):
10° 14° 44° 49° 47°

* Excerpted from http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/transit/venus/city04-1.html by Fred Espenak, NASA.

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