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    Astro Camera FAQ   HTML
    Borg FAQ   HTML
    LPS Filters Limitations and Misconceptions   HTML
Tips and Techniques
    Converting 120 Film for Astro Camera Use   HTML
Borg Product Documents
    Borg Component Catalog 2003   PDF [2.2M]
    Mini Borg Instructions   PDF [336K]
    Hutech/Borg Binoscope Manual   PDF [146K]
    Borg 100 Photographic Performance   PDF [686K]
    Borg 125F2.8 Photographic Performance   PDF [326K]
    Borg 125F6.4 Photographic Performance   PDF [285K]
    Borg 150 Photographic Performance   PDF [231K]
    Caring for Borg Objectives   PDF [2.3M]
    Installing Baffles and Aperture Stops in Borg Telescopes   PDF [11K]
    Borg SWII Assembly Instructions   PDF [238K]
    Borg SWII Fork Mount User Instructions   PDF [261K]
    Borg 1.4x Teleconverter [7014]   PDF [424K]
    Borg 1.04X Multi-Flattener [7784]   PDF [1.4M]
    Borg EDF4 Focal Reducer [7704]   PDF [2.7M]
    Borg 0.72x Super Reducer for 71FL and 90 FL Objectives [7872]   PDF [143K]
    Borg Focuser Adjustment   PDF [381K]
    Installing the Front Focuser Option on a Borg 76 Scope   HTML
    Borg Multi-Flattener [8670]   PDF [294K]
    Borg Finder Base Compatibility   HTML
    Borg Scope Mounting Hardware Specifications   HTML
    Borg Scope Field-of-View Templates
-- Sky Atlas 2000 Field/Desk Edition
  PDF [7K]
    Borg Scope Field-of-View Templates
-- Sky Atlas 2000 Deluxe Edition
  PDF [7K]
Canon Digital Camera Product Documents
    Mounting Hutech Front Filters in Canon Digital Cameras   PDF [191K]
IDAS Product Documents
    Using and Caring for IDAS LPS-P1 Filters   PDF [495K]
    Miscellaneous IDAS Filter Information   PDF [4K]
    IDAS RS Filter Installation   PDF [154K]
    IDAS EOS MFA (Mount Filter Adapter) Installation   PDF [204K]
    IDAS Canon Full-frame Body Filter Installation   PDF [526K]
Mitsuboshi Product Documents
    Mitsuboshi Camera System Diagrams   PDF [1.1M]
    Mitsuboshi Knife-edge Focusing Procedure   PDF [1.6M]
    Mitsuboshi Knife-edge Focuser Calibration   PDF [294K]
Miscellaneous Product Documents
    Hutech Motorized Alt-Az Mount Instruction Manual   PDF [828K]
    CM15FS Vacuum Pump System   PDF [25K]
    CM50FS Dry Air / Vacuum Pump System   PDF [2.4M]
    Installing the Pentax 6X7/67 Battery Eliminator   HTML
    Using the Pentax 6X7/67 Battery Eliminator   HTML