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Takahashi Components

  Part #   Description  
PM-1 PM-1 German equatorial mount (single-motor)
PM-1X PM-1X, Single axis tracking mount
PM-1XGEM1 PM-1X in German mode (lighter counterweight)
PM-1XGEM2 PM-1X in German mode (heavier counterweight)
PM-SP Single axis tracking mount
PM-SPAZ PM-SP & alt-az base set. Specify the base color, green or black
PM-SPGEM PM-SP German equatorial set including PM-SP, CWS and Hutech DECP)
PFS Planet fork set*
ATLAZ Alt-az mount adapter*
CAD Camera adapter*
P2TA Adapter for P-2(Z) tripod and PM-1*
EM11TA Adapter for EM10/11 and metal tripod S (MTS)*
TGLTA Adapter for TG-L and metal tripod S (MTS)*
P2MT Adapter for P-2(Z) and metal tripod S (MTS)
TPA38 Photographic tripod adapter (3/8")*
MTS Metal tripod S*
TEP Tripod extension pillar*
EST Extended counterweight shaft***
CW14 Extra counterweight for PM-1 (1.4kg)*
CW06 Extra counterweight for PM-SP (0.6kg)**
STA Adapter for PM-1 single tracking
CWS Counterweight/shaft set for PM-1 and PM-SP***
DP300 Dovetail plate 300***
SDL Saddle***
MPT Multi plate***
TGSM TG slow motion DEC unit***
RGL Ring level for PM-SP**
ALTAZB Alt-az base (black)
ALTAZG Alt-az base (green)
P1P Illuminator for PM-1 polarscope*
SPP Illuminator for PM-SP polarscope**
SPPE Extension tube for SPP**
PCM Piggyback camera mount***
SHAFT1 PM-1 shaft***
* only for PM-1
** only for PM-SP
*** for PM-1 and PM-SP
TAKGC Autoguide cable
PM1CASE Hard case for PM-1
DECP DEC plate (to be used with CWS)
PSA Polar scope adapter (to be used with Nikon right angle finder - DR-3/4/5)
TKA38 Takahashi tripod adapter for converting 3/8"