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  • 0.7x triplet super reducer
  • Fully covers full format sensors
  • Accommodates 300mm to 1000mm focal length refractors
  • Requires ~130mm extra backfocus
  • M57 P0.75 male on the objective side and M57 P0.75 female on the camera side
  • Built-in camera rotator
  • Accepts a 48mm filter
  • Backfocus distance: 55mm
Example Configurations:
  • 7870 - 7923 - 5005 - Canon
  • 7870 - 7923 - STL adapter - SBIG STL camera
  1. Set the threaded edge of the reducer to the objective's native focal length. except for the 125SD, which should be set to the 640mm mark due to its special objective design
  2. Use a coin to make the focal length adjustment. Do not overtighten, as this may affect image quality
  3. For full frame sensors, we recommend adjusting the focal length setting inward an extra 4mm toward the camera.
48mm filter mounted.

Part #7870
0.7x Triplet Multi Super Reducer with camera rotator