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This filter holder from Borg makes changing filters a simple and painless task. The use of a shutter cable (not included) pops the filter in its holder out in your hand without requiring the camera to be removed or anything to be unscrewed. Features include:
  • Filter holders accomodate 52mm camera filters. A 48mm step ring is included with each holder. Additional filter holders to facilitate quick filter swaps are available separately (see part no. 7518).
  • Filter box assembly accomodates an additional 52 or 48mm filter for stacked use (e.g. RGB filters with an LPS filter).
  • Backfocus requirement: 15mm
  • Shutter cable ejection mechanism
  • Combo male/female M57 interfaces on both front and back ends allow easy attachment to most scopes and cameras when used with other Borg adapters.
Hutech offers these 52mm filters for use with the Borg filter holder:
  • IDAS LPS-P52
  • IDAS LPS-V3-52
  • IDAS IRB-52
  • IDAS BGR4-52
  • Kenko R64-52
  • IDAS HA-52 (H-alpha narrowband - 8nm)

Part #7519
52mm/48mm Filter Box