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The deluxe version of model 4317, this non-rotating helical focuser includes index marks on the outside of the barrel, which greatly facilitate focusing when switching between CCD camera and eyepiece. In addition to visual use, this focuser also works well for fine focusing of CCD cameras, digital still cameras and video cameras. The front attachment is a metric M36.4 P1.0 male thread, or a 1.25" eyepiece interface when used with adapter 7316 (which includes threads for 1.25" eyepiece filters). The rear attachment includes a T-thread for direct connection to SBIG CCD cameras.

Index:   50 microns
Length:   50 to 60 mm
Travel:   10 mm travel
Weight:   80 g
A:   31.7 mm (1.25") sleeve, M42 P0.75 Male
B:   M36.4 P1.0 Male

Part #7315
Helical Focuser S - 1.25" (non-rotating)