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FLI Cameras
  ML8300-45   KAF-8300 Monochrome with 45mm high speed shutter   $3,895.00
  ML11002M-0   KAI-11002M Grade 0 Sensor (No shutter)   $9,995.00
  ML11002M-1   KAI-11002M Grade 1 Sensor (No shutter)   $6,995.00
  ML11002M-2   KAI-11002M Grade 2 Sensor (No shutter)   $6,495.00
  LCDS   Liquid Cooling - Add price to standard MicroLine (Double Shut-off)   $395.00
  LCDD   Liquid Cooling - Add price to standard MicrLine (Dry Disconnect)   $495.00
  45   Addition of 45mm high speed shutter (25ms exposure)   $625.00
  65   Addition of 65mm high speed shutter (40ms exposure)   $850.00
  ADT   Additio of Anti-Dew Technology on 65mm shutter MicroLine   $200.00
  CFW-1-5   5 position CFW (for 50mm filters)   $895.00
  ATLAS   Atlas Digital Focuser   $2,495.00
  PDF   Precision Digital Focuser (85mm Aperture)   $1,450.00
Update: 2018-05-07