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Scope Mounting Hardware

The threaded rod (M6P1.0) on one side of the Borg 80 mm rings may be used for direct attachment to Losmandy GM8 universal plates, Vixen GP/GP-D dovetail plates, or the Televue Tele-pod.

#7080 Borg 80 mm rings -- suitable for Borg Series 80 optical tube assemblies (50 mm to 100 mm objectives).

Variations of the 7080 ring are the #70801 and #7083 rings. The 70801 rings have a 1/4-20 threaded hole replacing the threaded rods at the top of the 7080 rings. The 7083 rings have 1/4-20 screw clearance hole, allowing a screw to be added and tightened from inside the rings. This allows stacking of 708xx rings or other accessories with 1/4-20 camera threads. If necessary, a riser block may be added between the stacked rings for additional spacing. The base of these 80mm ring variants is the same as for the 7080 part described above.


MR115/MR115D 115 mm rings -- available with single (MR115) or double-sided (MR115D) mounting for piggy-backed mounting of accessories. These ring sets accomodate the Borg Series 115 optical tube assemblies (100 mm to 125 mm objectives).


MR140 140 mm rings -- handles the Borg Series 140 (150 mm objective) optical tube assembly. The base hole pattern is the same as the MR115/115D ring (above).


MRB1/MRB2* Riser Blocks -- adapt the 80, 115, and 140 mm rings to the hole patterns of Losmandy GM8 or G11 universal plates. Universal plates and other Losmandy accessories are available through Hutech.


The MRB1/MRB2 riser blocks fit both the top and bottom of the MR115D rings, allowing a Losmandy universal plate to be mounted above the main scope to accomodate Losmandy-compatible dovetail accessories such as rings for guide scopes or piggy-back camera mounts.

* The MRB2 riser blocks supersede the MRB1 blocks but are completely compatible in all dimensions. MRB2 blocks contain 1 additional hole in the center (rear counterbored) for added flexibility.

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