Digital Cameras for Scientific and Infrared Photography


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Rebel XT IR Photos
by Gary Brown


Standard digital SLR cameras are equipped with deep red cut-off filters which do not allow deep red or near infrared (IR) photos to be taken. To get around this, Hutech offers spectrum-enhanced versions of Fuji and Canon digital cameras with several filter configurations:

Sample Images:

Camera/filter: Fuji S3Pro with Hoya RM72

False color UV-Visible-IR photo samples
Click on images to enlarge.

Camera : S3Pro with clear filter
Lens : Nikon 50mm F1.8

B=UV (IDAS UV filter)
G=V (IDAS IRB-52, UV/IR blocking filter)
R=IR (Hoya IR-85, Infrared filter)

Manually focused using live preview mode.