IDAS Solar Filters

Solar eclipse sequence
2012 annular solar eclipse sequence as seen from northern Nevada. Note neutral (realistic) color of the sun as it progresses towards 4th contact near sunset. Clouds caused some scattering visible in the latter half of the eclipse.

IDAS Solar Filter IDAS solar filter on canon binoculars IDAS UHB-RS (UV/heat blocking, reflection suppression) solar filters are the first innovation in many years in the area of broadband solar filters. These are specifically designed to address the problem of internal reflections and scattering which occur inside even high-quality camera lenses and telescopes. Rather than providing a mirrored internal surface, these filters are treated for suppression of reflections within the filter (1/10,000 reduction) as well as internally reflected light coming back towards the filter from the imaging sensor and lens elements.

IDAS solar filters are high-quality (manufactured in Japan) glass filters designed for safe* (high UV and IR rejection) visual and photographic use with the following specifications:

  • Optical density: ND5.2 (1/160,000x)

  • Balanced (neutral) color rendition

  • Sizes: 52mm and 82mm

  • Safe for all-day viewing

* Filters must be placed in front of telescope or camera objective.
  See also charts showing ISO safety compliance.

The Nikon AF-2 filter holder is especially useful for solar eclipses where the filter can be quickly and easily removed during totality and replaced afterwards. Nikon AF-2 technical data: 72mm/P0.75 (telescope side) and 82mm/P0.75 outside, suitable for the IDAS 82mm filter.

See filter comparison sample shots on the Hutech blog.

IDAS Solar Filter Curve
IDAS Solar Filter Reflectance Curve

Solar Filter Comparison Curves