IDAS Planetary Filters for Imaging

IDAS planetary imaging filters are specialized filters designed with tuned passbands intended to enhance features of specific planetary targets. Note that these filter bandpasses are at (or beyond) the edges of the visual spectrum. The camera and optical imaging components must be designed for proper operation at these wavelengths.

UV372-80   This filter is used for imaging vapor and clouds on Mars and Venus as well as for imaging biological subjects. The UV bandpass design enhances in-band contrast by aggressively eliminating out-of-band light:

  • Leakage of Visible Band: <1/1,000,000
  • Leakage from 680nm to 1,000nm: <1/150,000
  • Leakage from 1,000 to 1,200nm: <1/3,000

Available in 31.7mm(M28.6) and 52mm sizes



VW-1   This filter is used for imaging Venus (increases contrast for lower atmosphere cloud structures).




BE410  This filter is used to image Mars. It enhances the visibility of atmospheric water vapor clouds.




BPF  This filter is used to image Jupiter and Saturn. The bandpass enhances contrast in the methane band.