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Hinode Solar Guider

Hinode Solar Guider

The AstroHutech Hinode Solar Guider is the first autoguider designed for casual solar viewing as well as photography.

Hinode Solar Tuner

Hinode Solar Tuner

The AstroHutech Solar Tuner is designed to enhance viewing with your hydrogen-alpha solar telescope. It provides a convenient tilt mechanism to allow fine tuning of your filter's bandpass center point. This allows optimized viewing for different features on the sun such as edge prominences or disk features such as sunspots and filaments without the need to awkwardly reach for the front of your telescope while trying to look through your eyepiece.

The Solar Tuner can directly accept solar filters with 67 mm photographic filter threads and threads onto a telescope with 72 mm filter threads. With standard photo step rings, a variety of larger or smaller diameters can be accommodated. When used with the Borg 71FL telescope, no step ring is necessary.

Hinode Solar Tuner


  • Thread for filter: 67 mm female
  • Thread for telescope: 72 mm male
  • Internal clear diameter: 64 mm
  • Adjustment range: 0 to 3 degrees

The Solar Tuner is shipped with a 13" flexible shaft cable. This cable may be replaced by a motorized a Sky Watcher/Orion focuser motor kit for long telescope tube setups or to avoid having to touch the optical assembly as shown at right.