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Axel Mellinger's Panoramic Astrophotography Website

Sky Panorama Prints

How The Images Were Created

To create his full sky image, Axel Mellinger assembled a mosaic from 51 images taken from Germany, South Africa and the United States (California) over the course of 3 years. To take the individual images, he used a Minolta 35mm format camera with a 28mm wide-angle lens.

Each frame was digitized with a scanner and processed in Axel's computer to remove lens distortion, image flaws, and vignetting, and to map each pixel to spherical sky coordinates. Next frames were color matched and merged together to create a master file which covered the entire sky.

Finally, to create each image, the master file was projected into the flat representations such as the Aitoff projection seen here. The resulting files are 300 MB each!

For additional details on the mathematical techniques used, visit Axel Mellinger's Astrophotography Website.

How The Prints Are Made

Each image is directly printed digitally onto high quality resin-coated (RC) paper or Translite using a color calibrated digital LED (RGB) scanning head at 300 PPI. Color and image density has been personally approved by Axel and the calibrated printing ensures that the resulting print is as close to an "original" photographic print as you can get. The prints are produced at a high-end commercial lab (Cuztom, Inc.) which not only has years of experience producing quality prints but also has an amateur astronomer running the production.

Custom Print Sizes and Options

Custom print sizes and options such as lamination and mounting are also available as detailed on our Custom Print page.


All prints are produced and stored flat, then rolled and shipped in tubes when your order is placed. Contact us for special handling requests.

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