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Borg Intro

1401 - Turret Eyepiece Holder


The Borg turret eyepiece holder (part number 1401) is a low cost, convenient multiple eyepiece holder for the visual observer. The lightweight construction minimizes the weight placed on the back of the OTA, yet provides plenty of stiffness to support the eyepieces. The turret is a standard part of the Borg SWII Ultra-light Systems.


Four 1-1/4" eyepieces may be mounted, ready for use by simply rotating the turret which includes a click-stop position for each eyepiece. Eyepieces are friction gripped firmly with rubber seats. For maximum utility, parfocal eyepieces are recommended.


At the rear, a straight-through port accomodates a 2" or 1-1/4" eyepiece. This is intended for holding a low power, wide-field eyepiece which makes finding objects easy even without a separate finder scope.


Inside (view from the front), the high quality flip mirror which acts as a diagonal can be seen. This diverts light to one of the four turret eyepieces. A small lever flips the mirror out of the way for viewing through the rear "finder" port.

Telescope Interface

The 1401 turret requires interface part 7836. With this the turret may be connected to the Borg Series 80 tube or to virtually any type of telescope which can accomodate a 2" eyepiece using 7425 (2" nosepiece adapter).

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