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Borg / Kenko Portable Photo System

  • Ultra-Compact system for short-exposure film or digital astrophotography:
    • Lunar photography, including lunar eclipses.
    • Solar* photography, including eclipses and transits of Mercury or Venus.
    • Planetary photography
  • Good for widefield deepsky piggyback photography too.
  • Convenient visual observing with a star-tracking mount.

  • Economical starter scopes - Borg 76mm or 100mm Achromat
  • APO performance for experienced observers - Borg 76ED or 100ED
  • Dozens of Borg photographic accessories available.
  • Precise, easy-to-use polar alignment scope is standard equipment.
  • Tripod options - Use the ultra-compact, lightweight Kenko tripod, or a standard photographic tripod.

* Front aperture solar filter required.

Borg 100ED / Kenko Portable Photo system.


[Left] Packed and ready to go as carry-on luggage! The camera (not shown) and objective (in black carrying bag) have been detached and carried separately as an extra precaution.

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