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Borg 100ED Compact Photo/Visual APO System


  • 100 mm (4") ED High Quality Objective, (Made in Japan), F6.4 focal ratio.
  • F4 photographic option available.
  • User-upgradeable to 125mm ED objective.
  • Dozens of visual and photographic configurations and accessories.
  • Photographic configurations allow for full coverage of medium format film.
  • Tube disassembles into short pieces for convenient transport.
  • Light weight OTA makes for a lighter total system.

Cases suitable for automobile transport are available. F6.4 configurations (hood to focuser) are accomodated as a single assembly for convenient setup.

Borg 100ED medium format photo / visual configuration (115mm series) shown on a Losmandy G11.   Losmandy mounts are also available through Hutech.

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