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35mm Camera Adapters

Part No. Mount Type Camera Model

5001 Pentax S Pentax S2, S3,SV,SL,SP, SPII, SPF, ES, ESII
Fujica ST (605,701, 801, 901)
Praktica LLC, MTL50
5002 Pentax K Pentax K2, KM, KX, MX, K1000, ME, MEF, ME Super, MV-1 MG, Super-A, Program A, P30 (N-T), P50(N), A3 Date (S), LX, SFX(N), SF7, Z-1(P), Z-10, Z-20, Z-50, Z Mate, MZ-3, MZ-5, MZ-10, MZ-50, MZ-M, MZ-7
Ricoh XR500 (auto)-1000(S),XR-X, XR-20SP, XR-10M, XR-2, XR-7, XR-1(S), XR-2(S), XR-6, XR-8
Cocina CT-1EX, CT-1 Super, CT7, CI-S
Chinon CM(5-7-4S), CP(5-7m-9), CG-5, CE-5, CE-4S, CA-4
Vixen VX-1, VX-2
Vivitar V2000
5003 Nikon Nikon F (all models), F2 (all models), F3 (all models), F4 (all models) Nikomat/Nikkormat FT (all models), EL (all models), EM, FE, FM, FE2, (New) FM2, FG, FG20, FA, F301, F401(S), F501, F601(M), F801(S), F90, (X, XD, XS), F50D, F70D, FM10, FE10, F5, F60D, F100
5004 Canon FD Canon FT(b), TLb, FX, Pellix, F-1, New F-1, EF, AE-1(P), A-1, AV-1, AL-1, T-70, T-80, T-90
5005 Canon EOS Canon EOS620, 630, 650. 1(N,NRS), 10, 100, 1000, 1000(S), RT, 5, 55, Kiss-3
5006 Minolta MD Minolta SR (101, 505), SRT (Super, 101), SR-1s, SR-M, SR-7, X-1, X-7, X-70, X-500, X-600, X-700, XD(S), XG-E, XG-S, XE(b)
5007 Minolta Alpha Minolta Alpha 7000, 9000, 7700i, 8700i, Alpha 5Xi, Alpha 9Xi, 507Si, 707Si, 807Si, Alpha 9, Alpha Sweet(S), Alpha 9Ti
5008 Olympus Olympus OM-1 (MD,N), 2(N,SP), 3(Ti), 4(Ti), 10, 20, 30, 40 (P), M-1, OM2000
5009 Contax Contax RTS, RTS II, RTS III, 137 (MA, DM), 139, 159MM, 167MT, S2, ST, AX, RX, Aria
Yashica FX(3,D), FR (I,II), 108MP

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