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Borg Red Dot Finder Solution

by Pat Agnew (

Borg doesn't make a red-dot finder, but this simple solution makes it easy to mount a popular unit finder on any Borg scope. The finder's trim appearance compliments the Borg, and makes the scope lighter and easier to balance.

All you need is an EZ Finder II Reflex Sight (part # 7228, $34.95) from Orion Telescope center ( The finder kit includes a low-profile mounting rail (part #7099).


What to Do

Remove the Borg finder mounting base from the OTA. It's held in place by two painted-white Phillips screws. Retain these screws.

Use the Borg screws to mount the Orion mounting rail onto the OTA. The holes are perfectly spaced and sized for the Borg screws.

The Orion EZ finder slides right onto the Orion mounting rail (without the clearance bracket). Finger-tighten the two silver tension screws.

Notes: The Borg finder mount is quite heavy. If you use two inch eyepieces, then you'll appreciate how removing this extra weight from the rear of the OTA aids in balancing the scope.


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