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7395 - SD-2X 2" Eyepiece Projection Adapter

The Borg eyepiece projection adapter (part number 7395) is the only existing commercial solution for doing eyepiece (positive) projection or afocal photography using 2" eyepieces with 35mm film, or digital still and video cameras. Solid construction complements a design that does not place the weight of the camera on the eyepiece itself.

An internal diameter of 75mm and an adjustable internal length (48-74mm) accomodates a wide variety of 2" eyepieces which allows for low power views as well as a reduced possibility of vignetting as when using smaller eyepieces. External overall length of SD-2X ranges from 103 to 129 mm.

The ability to hold 2" eyepieces also allows the use of Borg's in-line erecting prism (part #4801), which corrects the inverted image and makes terrestrial photography simpler.

For exceptionally long 1-1/4"eyepieces, the back end of the eyepiece projection adapter may also be extended by using one or more of the Borg adapters:

  • 7506 - 10 mm extension
  • 7508 - 20 mm extension
  • 7505 - 40 mm extension
  • 7509 - 60 mm extension

For exceptionally long/large 2" and 1-1/4" eyepieces, extension adapter 7398 must be used.

The eyepiece holder incorporates two setscrews to assure a firm grip on the eyepiece. Built-in rotation capability for the camera allows for versatile composition of shots. Three screws in the rotator allow for easy access to the eyepiece compartment for quick eyepiece changes.

All scope coupling and camera coupling parts are interchangeable with the smaller SD-1X eyepiece projection adapter.

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