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Borg Binoscope


[Left] 90FLBINO1 + BB-140 + SB8
on optional Meade LX-90 go-to mount.
Custom configurations are available on request.

NEW! EMS bino erecting mirrors are now available in a black finish.

Borg 71FL bino system on photo tripod mounting.

Three precision components come together in a formula for superior visual experience

      Borg fluorite objectives ...
+ Matsumoto erecting optics ...
+ precision AOK Swiss mechanical systems ...
= breathtaking 3D/VR-like views of landscapes, wildlife, or astronomical targets*.

*For astronomy enthusiasts, this is the closest you'll get to viewing deep space through a spaceship port hole! Read about Ted's solar eclipse viewing experience.


Borg optics -- 71FL, 90FL, and 107FL fluorite refractors

See the latest configurations.
Customized configurations are also available upon request.

EMS1 [left] and EMS2 [below] --
Matsumoto erecting mirror diagonals with mirror collimators

BB-160 with HDL -- AOK Swiss precision collimatable binoscope mounting

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