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- the combination of a digital SLR camera body
with the precision optics of a true telescope.

Hutech and Borg* would like to introduce you to the combination of two rapidly advancing technologies applied to the field of bird photography. This marries the optics of the advanced astronomical refracting telescope, optimized for high resolution of distant objects, to the increasingly high-resolution digital imaging sensor of the modern digital SLR camera.

Why use a telescope instead of a telephoto lens?

While telescopic lenses do not offer the auto-focusing or aperture control convenience of a telephoto lens matched to the proper camera body, the live-view capability of modern DSLR's makes precise focusing easy. Auto-exposure continues to be functional via the camera's aperture-priority mode.


* Borg is a leading optical manufacturer in Japan. All parts, including
optics, are precision manufactured in Japan. The name "BORG" comes from
BO=BOenkyo(telescopes) and GU=doGU(equipment) in Japanese.


"Borg 77EDII Telescope for Bird Photography" - a review in Living Bird magazine