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Updated with the latest Optical and Mechanical Components

101EDII (Hikari) on AOK alt-az mount.

125SD (Haruka) model

Wide choice of objective sizes- from 45mm to 125mm in six different models:

60ED (Tsubasa) model

77EDII (Sakura) model

High-quality optics for immersive 3D-like views of the sun, moon, planets, and deep space objects.
  • Sharp, bright, erect images utilizing mirrors instead of prisms
  • Silver-coated mirrors applied with sophisticated Japanese coating technology
  • Wide variety of focuser options - 3" (125SD), 2", and 1.25"
  • Double collimation systems on both platform and scopes
  • Lightweight components - even the 125SD binoscope and platform assembly can be carried with one hand
  • Interchangeable parts with conventional Borg telescopes
  • Accepts filters for solar viewing
  • Inter-pupillary adjustment knob — handy for quick adjustment when switching between observers.